Testing Approach

The types of testing we undertake include:

Usability Testing

This is performed with your team as part of the Agile process and will involve partial releases of the system. They will review and feedback on the usability of screens reports and processes.

System Testing

This testing is an end to end test by our staff and will ensure all of your requirements have been covered. It also makes sure that all of the individual pieces of code work together as a whole.

Migration Testing

We will test the migration scripts to ensure that the actual cut over to the new Low Code solution is seamless.

Integration Testing

This will test that all integrations to the CRM work correctly. It includes links to other systems and exchange of data for data warehousing or reporting. This is handled by us but may require your involvement too.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Testing

This is testing by you to ensure that the system has been built as specified and actually meets your needs in reality. This will involve actually using parts or all of the system and testing it against a series of test scripts. Any defects or issues which are found are then logged, resolved and retested. We will provide guidance on all aspects of this stage and provide templates and tools such as defect tracking software.

Code Testing

Additional testing for software ‘plug-ins’ may also be required.

  • Unit Testing – this is the testing of individual software components by our programmers as part of the development process.
  • Peer Code Review – this is the review of any development code by colleagues against OPAL coding standards and best practices.