We can develop applications using Office products such as Excel and Word to work separately or integrated to your Microsoft CRM solution. Microsoft CRM also has excellent built-in Excel and Word integration which can be leveraged - see CRM 2016 Overview

Excel Development

Microsoft Excel is a familiar tool to many people, but there's lots more you can do with it beyond using it as a simple spreadsheet. It can be used to perform complex calculations and analysis and produce highly visual reporting and charts.

We have developed many easy to use applications for company's just using Excel and visual basic (VBA) programming. These spreadsheets can have all the sophistication of a purpose built solution, at the fraction of the cost. Typically they can look like a normal application with drop down lists and forms, alerts and visual outputs such as charts or calculation fields. Furthermore you can connect Excel to other systems and both Microsoft CRM and SharePoint have 'out of the box' integration functionality.

Examples of work we have undertaken are performance scorecards, sales forecasting software, estimating software and resource planning tools.

We can also handle VBA based application development for Word and other Microsoft Office applications.


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Example of Productivity Management software

This application was built using Visual Basic and Excel.


Team Productivity Scorecard



Performance Charts

Team Performance Chart