We adopt a structured ‘Lean’ methodology to improving your business processes…


Stages in the Process include:

  1. Identify Processes
  • Create a process inventory of all processes within the business
  • Prioritise processes for re-engineering
  1. Define ‘As Is’
  • Obtain existing documentation as a starting point
  • Create/review process documentation ‘As Is’ including process charts
  • Define processes from an end-to-end perspective i.e. crossing departmental boundaries.
  1. Design ‘To Be’
  • Re-engineer the ‘As Is’ processes in line with Lean Principles (see Lean Principles - next slide)
  • Define new processes and build processes and workflows into the Low Code application
  1. Test & Implement ‘To Be’
  • Ring fence critical activities to ensure no client or other detriment is possible
  • Test with pilots and confirm controls and outputs are working as expected
  • Refine processes and re-test until optimised
  • Rollout changes to the rest of the organisation
  • Restart the Business Process Re-engineering Cycle for the next round of improvements

Process Re-engineering Activities

Process Improvement