Microsoft CRM Overview

Microsoft CRM is a powerful CRM system with all of the core CRM features you would expect from a system of its stature. The look and feel of the CRM is entirely consistent with the current Microsoft Office navigation via ribbons at the top of the page and will feel really familiar to your teams.

The sales module provides you with the tools to easily manage every stage of the sales process, from the pipeline and initial leads through to order and invoicing and providing clear lead tracking and analysis. The tracking of pipeline, opportunities, orders and quotes is particularly strong and provides the core sales functionality that a lot of companies are looking for.

The marketing module supports campaign management and mass marketing including direct mail, telemarketing, e-mail and social media. It allows you to plan and track campaigns and is linked to the sales module helping sales staff to quickly react to campaign leads.

The customer service module is really important as it allows you to easily manage services you are providing to existing customers. The module includes contracts, cases, a knowledge base, service scheduling and administration.

It has powerful integration with Outlook enabling the team and sales managers to easily track email, appointments, tasks, and contacts. In fact the CRM can be managed from within Outlook itself. The system is quick to implement and has inbuilt integration for MS Office and SharePoint, which is used for document management. It now has good cross browser support and full mobile phone and tablet capability using purpose built mobile applications.

Microsoft CRM is highly configurable and you can create virtually any new functionality within the system without having to develop code. Screen layout is easy to manipulate and processes and workflow are straightforward to configure. There is unlimited ability to add forms, fields, views, business rules, reports and dashboards, and to control who can see them.

MS CRM has a solid security model and access to data can be robustly locked down. It is a multi-language CRM solution with more than 40 languages.