Your System

OPAL Cloud Tech develops solutions using Microsoft cloud-based technologies. Web-based solutions are simpler to develop, maintain and scale and now most systems are delivered this way. All you need to access these solutions are a PC, Mac, or tablet with an internet connection or a phone with a CRM application installed. The big advantage of running from the Cloud is that you do not have lots of hardware and software to maintain. By providing an online portal for your customers, clients, suppliers or partners your services can be accessible anytime and from anywhere in the world.

What's also good is that the software all belongs to you and you license it directly from Microsoft, so you are not tied into us. In fact, once the system is up and running most clients manage the system themselves and even make some of the smaller changes to their system as their business evolves. We will be there to provide ongoing support and would usually ensure that a support contract is in place to give you peace of mind. If you have more complex or technically challenging enhancements we are more than happy to handle them for you.

The software is held very securely by Microsoft in the Cloud as are most of the business systems these days. Being Microsoft it will always be up to date and every 6 months they will upgrade the solution for you. This means in 5 years time it will still look as up to date as it does today.



How your system might look…